WTX Twin Cylinder Wings (Donuts)
$420.00 - $650.00
  • Price: $420.00

A twin cylinder wing that forms a complete ring of air around the cylinders is sometimes referred to as a twin donut. They are not permanently attached to a back plate or harness, rather sandwiched between the back plate the cylinders themselves. Having a complete ring of air makes the wing very stable without a dramatic shift of air from left to right.

Much thought and design work has gone into the Apeks twin cylinder wings. Special attention has gone into the fabrics and hardware selected, the shape of the wing, the water drainage and the construction techniques. When you buy Apeks, rest assured that you are buying the best product available.

Features & Benefits

  • Inflator:
    • K style with brass buttons
    • Low profile 16” oval-shaped hose
    • Safety cable to prevent hyper-extension
    • Positioned on the top, back, center so as not to interfere with the cylinder manifold (D45 and D60)
    • Both airways originate near the top, back, center for optimal venting (D60R)
  • Dump Valve
    • Low profile flat valve (D45 and D60)
    • Positioned in front, lower-left side (D45 and D60)
    • Primary bladder has a Low Profile Flat Valve pull dump on inside lower left (D60R)
    • Redundant bladder has a Low Profile Flat Valve pull dump on outside lower right (D60R)
  • High-efficiency drains to drain water quickly
  • Access zipper is located on front side to prevent abrasion from cylinders and tank bands
  • Able to accept an optional Retractor Kit
  • Center foot print matches the Apeks plate.
  • 3 upper grommets allow various height settings coupled with a lower slot that compensates for misaligned band bolts.
  • Materials:
    • Exterior: 1000D Armorshield Cordura
    • Inner air cell: 22mil (.022) thick black urethane Zipper: heavy duty YKK #10 plastic zip and slide
    • Zipper: heavy duty YKK #10 plastic zip and slide


Twin Cylinder Wings
Style: Twin Cylinder Wing - Donut
Sizes: 2 – 45 and 60 lb
Inflator: WTX "K" Style w/ brass buttons
Airway: 16" corrugated elliptical hose, 90° elbow at top, internal safety cable
Dump valves: 1 Flat Valve - lower left
Harness: Can be used w/ WTX or webbed harness
Weight System: Optional SureLock II
Drains: Central mesh panel + 2 grommet
Retractor option: Y
Exterior Material: 1000D Armorshield Cordura
Inner bladder: 22 mil (.022) thick black urethane
Zipper: Heavy Duty YKK #10
Lift Capacity (lbs/liters/N): WTX-D45 Twin Wing - 45 lbs / 20 liters / 200 N
WTX-D60 Twin Wing - 60 lbs / 27 liters / 260 N
Warranty: Limited Lifetime


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